AllyStrong Mission


I'm so glad you're here reading this page.  I don't want anyone to blindly follow this blog/website.  I want you to know exactly what you're in for!

My name is Ally.  I'm a 41 year old single mom and a hopeless fitness and nutrition nerd.  I'm also an obsessive searcher of what makes us happy.  My journey began in college, my degree is in Exercise and Sport Science.  I've done the personal trainer thing, but what really gets me going and "in the flow" is teaching women to let go of their bullshit limitations.  

Nothing makes me frown more than hearing a woman (mom or not) say that it's too late or not worth it to pursue her goals, whether they be fitness related, relationship goals, business/career, etc.  Doesn't matter.  It's never too late!  The time will pass anyway, so to hell with it and pedal to the metal.  

I'm a certified exercise nutrition coach, but I'm also a recovered (ing) bulimic.  Honestly, that hell has taught me more about nutrition than any degree or certification ever will.  I get it.  Change sucks.  Being stuck sucks.  But listen to me...NO ONE is coming to save you.  You have to save you.

Ok, what's the mission here?  Well, it's to help women find themselves again, even if that means some reinventing.  I've coached hundreds of people, both in person and virtually.  The one thing we all share is the need for love and support.  We need someone to believe in us, cheer us on and yes, give us a loving kick in the ass when we need it.

Let's be that for each other.